Carapace fossil from an extinct turtle species discovered in Qatar
Uplifting of the Qatar Peninsula (Miocene)
Object Name: Turtle carapace
Period: Uplifting of the Qatar Peninsula (Miocene)
Date: 23–5 Million Years Ago
Dimensions: 350 mm(H) x 270mm (W) x 250mm(D) 14000 g (Wt)
Medium: fossil
Registration Number: QM.2018.0144
This turtle shell was collected from a specific location in Qatar by a paleontologist — it is very valuable and very fragile. It belongs to a species which is believed to have gone extinct around 25 million years ago. It is more likely that the specimen belongs to the late Miocene period which dates back to about 5 – 8 million years ago. This information remains unconfirmed and requires further research.
The Arabian Plate began to separate from the African Plate in this period and moved gradually towards the Eurasian Plate. The Arabian Gulf and the Zagros Mountains formed as a result of the Arabian and Eurasian Plates colliding.
Qatar was home to a range of marine species. Fossils of ancient plants and animals from this time have been discovered, including sea urchins, sharks, sawfish and dugongs.